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Welcome to the Defiance City School Treasurer's Page.
Roles and Responsibilities of the School Treasurer:
The role of an effective treasurer encompasses a multitude of responsibilities, each essential to the fiscal health of the district.
Treasurers are:
• Fiscal leaders and advisor who provide sound financial guidance that assists the district leadership team in the decision-making process;
• Financial managers who clearly understand the economic resources and collaborate with district leadership in their management;
• Managers of capital and financial assets who, through their fiscal leadership, are charged with the guardianship of these assets;
  •  Ohio Standards for School Treasurers These Ohio Standards for School Treasurers will serve as:
• An overview of the expectations of leadership, management, communication, collaboration and professionalism for Ohio’s school treasurers;
• An instrument for the effective professional development of school treasurers; and
• Criteria for measurement of standard compliance.
• Communicators and collaborators who disseminate and articulate the financial status of
   the district; and
• Professionals who adhere to established ethical standards. School treasurers are
  entrusted with protecting the fiscal health of the district.
To perform these roles and responsibilities, they must execute their duties with the utmost conscientiousness, collaboration and ethical behavior; additionally, they must possess an extensive set of skills and knowledge. Treasurers exhibit the dispositions of effective leadership through collaboration. Treasurers lead by demonstrating and nurturing high levels of trust based on their competence, integrity, ethics and high expectations. 
If you have any questions please email me at or call 419-782-9452.
Cheryl Swisher
Assistant Treasurer
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Payroll Specialist
Suzanne McGlaughlin
Fiscal Documents

October 24th, 2016 Presentation to the Defiance City Schools Board of Education
On October 24, 2016 the Defiance Board of Education approved the Five Year Forecast for the District. The file above is the presentation that was given at the Board Meeting. If you have any question regarding this presentation please contact Cheryl Swisher, Treasurer at 419-782-9452.
October Forecast
The first forecast is the forecast approved to be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education by the Defiance Board of Education. This forecast along with the notes (Titled Defiance-043869) explain the past 3 years historical spending patterns as well as the next 5 years forecasted spending. Since the FY 2017 Emergency Levy has not been passed by voters, the amounts collected by that levy are moved to line 11.02 Property Tax renewal and subtracted from line 1.01 Real Estate, line 1.02 Public Utility Personal Property and Line 1.05 Property tax allocation. That is why line 6.01 shows the District deficit spending in fiscal years 2019-2021.

The second forecast (lines highlighted in Pink) shows the renewal collection in line 1.01, line 1.02 and Line 1.05. It shows the amount of the renewal levy below but includes the numbers in the top of the forecast. If the levy passes, the District will not be deficit spending in any of the 5 forecasted years. If the Levy does not pass, the District will lose revenue of $5,695,875 over the course of 4 years (FY 2018-FY2021).

When looking at either forecast, please print and look at the notes (Defiance-043869) to be able to follow why changes to revenue and expenses occur and what assumptions are being made in the forecast.

The forecast and notes will be available on the Ohio Department of Education website after 10-31-2016.
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