Renewal levy
Just a reminder that there is a renewal levy on the May 2nd ballot. Please remember to vote. 

Key points about renewal levy:

1. The levy is called an "emergency levy" only because that's the term used by the state when a levy seeks a specific amount of money over a specific period of time.

2. The levy is NOT A NEW TAX. Voters first approved this levy in 1996 and have already renewed WITH NO INCREASES three times in 2002, 2007 and 2012.

3. The district is seeking NO NEW MONEY. 

4. The Levy collects 1.58 million a year or about 8% of the District’s operating budget. 

5. State Funding accounts for 56% of the operating revenue to the school and the District is receiving less than previous years FY 18 and FY 19. In prior fiscal years the District has relied on 7% increases and in the next 2 years those increases decrease to less than 2% in FY 2018 and 1% in FY 2019 leaving the District with a forecasted decrease in funding of $1.3 million over the next 2 years as compared to the October 5 year forecast.

6. If the levy is not renewed, the district will also lose $71,344 a year from the state provided in House Bill 66. 

7. Defiance collects one of the lowest percentages of local revenue from taxpayers in the state (According to ODE):
   Defiance: 26% (other funding sources that make up 18% are federal and non taxable)
   Ayersville: 36%
   Tinora: 54%
   State Average: 41%

Why is it so important to renew levy:

Levy is 8% of operating budget and pays for:
   Teacher’s salaries
   Curriculum Materials


Timeline of Levy

   1996 - 7.1 Operating Levy was passed
   2001 - Voters rejected (twice) proposed increase to the 7.1 mills to 11 mills. School lost 1.2 million in    revenue and made significant cuts
   2002 - Voters approved a 7.1 mill Emergency Levy. This millage collects 1.58 million a year
   2007 - Voters renewed Emergency levy at same dollar amount they did in 1996.
   2012 - Voters renewed Emergency levy at same dollar amount they did in 1996.

1. Is this a new tax? NO. This is a renewal and not an increase or new tax.
2. Will I pay More Taxes? NO. This renewal is a fixed amount and will collect 1.58 million and not anymore than that amount if home valuations change.

3. Why is this Levy Necessary? The Levy provides essential educational programs and services provided by the school.

4. Didn’t the voters just pass a levy in 2014? YES, but not for operations. In 2014, the voters approved a 3.78 mill bond levy to cover the local share of costs to build the new MS/HS building. That project is currently over $1 million UNDER budget. This Bond Levy cannot be used for operating costs and is not associated with the emergency renewal levy the District is asking for on May 2, 2017.

Thank you for your continued support of the Defiance City School District.

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