Emily Gardner

Emily Gardner

Building/Department Assignments:
High School - High School Staff

Biographical Information:
Place Of Birth- Toledo, OH
Currently Living- Toledo, OH
Attended High School- Swanton High School
Sports/Activities Participated In- Band, Quiz Bowl, Set Crew,Chior, Pit Orchestra
Attended College- UT
Year Graduated- 2014 (Bachelors), 2016 (Masters In ED)
Children- 0
Course Taught- English 9, English 10, Gothic of Horror Literature
Hobbies- Reading, Cooking, Biking, Kayaking, Jogging
Favorite Sports Teams- Red Wings
Favorite Food- Mac And Cheese
Favorite Movie & T.V. Show- Bob's Burger (TV), Vertigo (Movie)
Most Enjoyable Part About Teaching At DHS- The Kiddos
Proudest Moment- Purchasing my home this past year

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