Staff Directory
Staff Directory
Last Name First Name Title Email Website Phone View
Adams Stacy Classroom Aide [email protected] Details
Aldrich Curt Bus Driver Details
Allen Nicholas Language Arts - Grade 7 [email protected] Details
Alvarez Kristen bus driver Details
Anderson James Environmental Science [email protected] Details
Ashbaugh Karri Grade 3 [email protected] Details
Austin Kari Bus Driver Details
Ayers Catherine Library Aide [email protected] Details
Bachman Beth Asst. Cook [email protected] Details
Bair Rachel Cafeteria [email protected] Details
Baldwin Rex Social Studies - Grade 8 [email protected] Details
Baldwin Sherry Classroom Aide [email protected] Details
Barger Amanda Language Arts - Grade 6 [email protected] Details
Baringer Betsy Grade 4 [email protected] Details
Barnhart Melissa Intervention Specialist [email protected] Details
Batt Kathleen Intervention Specialist [email protected] Details
Bauer Kathy Guidance Aide [email protected] Details
Beck Harmony Grade 2 [email protected] Details
Beck Reggie 3-5 Counselor [email protected] Details
Becker Virginia Kindergarten [email protected] Details
Benson Lanee' Speech/Lang. Pathologist [email protected] Details
Black Daniel Sp. Ed. Aide [email protected] Details
Blank Susan Vocal Music [email protected] Details
Bloomfield Rana (Renee) Bus Driver Details
Booth Cathy Instrumental Music [email protected] Details
Born Mary Grade 1 [email protected] Details
Boroff Jackie Classroom/Pld. Aide [email protected] Details
Bringman Cassandra Grade 5 [email protected] Details
Brown Austin Instrumental Music - Grades 7 & 8 [email protected] Details
Brown Jennifer Health Care Aide [email protected] Details
Brown Julianna Intervention Specialist [email protected] Details
Brown Tammy School Psychologist [email protected] Details
Brubaker Carol Intervention Specialist [email protected] Details
Brugler Shane Asst. Principal/AD [email protected] Details
Buchholz Erika Grade 5 [email protected] Details
Burnett Patti Preschool Aide Details
Buti Beth Central Office Secretary [email protected] Details
Buti Jerry DHS Athletic Director [email protected] (419) 784-0102 Details
Campos Lisa Hostess [email protected] Details
Carnahan LeAnn Hostess [email protected] Details
Carr Jaaci English [email protected] Details
Caryer Danielle (Nikki) Grade 3 [email protected] Details
Caryer Jeanine CC Aide - Grades 3-5 [email protected] Details
Cereghin Cynthia Science - Grade 6 [email protected] Details
Chappuis Brier Intervention Specialist [email protected] Details
Clark Emily Intervention Specialist [email protected] Details
Clay Marilyn Custodian [email protected] Details
Cordes Megan Guidance Counselor [email protected] Details
Coressel Andrew Math [email protected] Details
Cotton Earl Bus Driver Details
Crowe Lisa Language Arts - Grade 8 [email protected] Details
Curtzwiler Beth Supt. Secretary/EMIS [email protected] Details
Damron Tamela Bus Driver Details
Darrow Bill ED Unit [email protected] Details
Davis Jennifer Grade 1 [email protected] Details
Davis Lisa Sp. Ed. Aide [email protected] Details
Davis Megan Grade 3 [email protected] Details
Davis Rachel Grade 3 [email protected] Details
Dehnbostel Jessica Grade 1 [email protected] Details
Dempsey Zackary Social Studies - Grade 7 [email protected] Details
DeRossett Cathy Asst. Cook/Cashier [email protected] Details
Detter Michelle Library Aide [email protected] Details
Doenges Deb Secretary - Grades K-2 [email protected] Details
Donsbach Chad Autism Aide - DC [email protected] Details
Donsbach Jody Vocal Music 6-8 [email protected] Details
Dunlap Thomas Bus Driver Details
Durfey Marna Grade 1 [email protected] Details
Eckhart Andrew Technology Coordinator [email protected] Details
Edwards Cindy KinderStart [email protected] Details
Egler Kim Cashier [email protected] Details
Elchinger Stacy K-2 Self-Contained [email protected] Details
Elkins Beverly Cafeteria [email protected] Details
Elwood Tammi Psychologist Assistant [email protected] Details
English Julie Intervention Specialist [email protected] Details
Ensign Ashley Grade 5 [email protected] Details
Fackler Delisa Classroom/Pld. Aide [email protected] Details
Fackler Sandra Bus Driver Details
Fedele Tammy KinderStart [email protected] Details
Finn Katie Middle School Secretary [email protected] Details
Fireovid Melessa Math - Grade 7 [email protected] Details
Floss Susan Math - Grade 6 [email protected] Details
Frank Mary MD Unit [email protected] Details
Frankart Elizabeth Art-Grades KS-5 [email protected] Details
Fruth Todd Director of Special Education [email protected] Details
Fuhrmann Danielle Math - Grade 7 [email protected] Details
Gardner Emily English [email protected] Details
Garrett April Grade 1 [email protected] Details
George Cassie Grade K [email protected] Details
Gerken Britt Grade 4 [email protected] Details
Giesige Chelsea Intervention Specialist [email protected] Details
Goff Susan Title I - Grade 2 [email protected] Details
Gonzales Yolanda Custodian [email protected] Details
Greiwe Clayton Health/Phys. Ed. [email protected] Details
Griffith Jodi Social Studies - Grade 8 [email protected] Details
Grogg Amy School Psychologist [email protected] Details
Guilford Michael (Mike) Fireman [email protected] Details
Hahn Peg Speech Pathologist [email protected] Details
Hammersmith Laura Bus Driver Details
Hancock John Bus Driver Details
Hanel Anna Classroom Aide [email protected] Details
Hanenkrath Jayde Health Aide [email protected] Details
Harrow Pamela Cashier [email protected] Details
Hartman Elizabeth Sp. Ed. Aide [email protected] Details
Hartzell Jane Asst. Cook [email protected] Details
Haviland Rhonda English [email protected] Details
Headley Ashley Kindergarten [email protected] Details
Headley Nathan Science - Grade 8 [email protected] Details
Heidbreder Kevin Instrumental Music - Grades 5 & 6 [email protected] Details
Heighland Cyndi Math [email protected] Details
Helberg Danielle Intervention Specialist [email protected] Details
Held Deanne Principal - Grades KS-2 [email protected] Details
Held Monica Kindergarten Details
Held Tom Computers/Web Design Details
Herr Bernie Custodian Details
Hill Michelle Aide - DLC Details
Hiltner Janalee K-5 Computer Details
Hoene Kristine Grade 4 Details
Hohenberger Cathy Bus Driver Details
Hohenbrink Shirley Grade 3 Details
Holbrook Stephanie Sp. Ed. Aide Details
Homier Michelle Art K-5 Details
Hopkins Thomas Fireman Details
Houck Julie Grade 3 Details
Hull Deanna Head Cook Details
Hulse Joy Bus Driver Details
Imthurn Michelle Intervention Aide Details
Jerger Jay Asst. Principal Details
Johns Teresa Asst. Cook/Cashier Details
Johnson Devon Sp. Ed. Aide Details
Johnston Melissa Cafeteria Details
Jones Christa Instrumental Music Details
Jones Tricia Kindergarten Details
Jordan Corey Physical Education Details
Jordan Marissa Health Care Aide Details
Kamphaus Susan Family Consumer Science Details
Karnes Deena Grade 3 Details
Keck Mandy Art Details
Keezer Carol Cafeteria Details
Keller Sheryl Grade 4 Details
Kennedy Ed Flex/Maintenance Details
Kerr James Bio./Physics/Science Details
Kiessling Lana Classroom Aide Details
Killgallon Jodee Bus Driver Details
Killion Cindy Classroom Aide Details
Klein Barb EMIS Secretary K-5 Details
Klein Cathy Science - Grade 8 Details
Kline Kevin CBI/VLA Details
Knapp Angela CC/MD Unit Details
Knowles Carlyn Grade 5 Details
Kryling Sarah Guidance Counselor Details
Kugler Katrena Spanish Details
Kugler Katrena Spanish Details
Lamb Shannon Honors Bio./Anatomy/Physiology Details
Leal Candy Secretary of Special Education Details
Lehman Bryn Math Details
Lehman Kirk Business Education Details
Lehman Lauren Intervention Specialist Details
Licardie Rita Aide - ESL Details
Lime Jane Custodian Details
Liming Julianne Intervention Specialist Details
Lindeman Sandy Custodian Details
Linebrink Rebecca Sp. Ed. Aide Details
Lloyd Jill Grade 1 Details
Lloyd Monica Bus Aide Details
Lockmiller Tamara Grade 2 Details
Long Jennifer Vocal Music 6 & 7/Comp. Science - Grade 6 Details
Long Lindsay Math/Algebra I - Grade 8 Details
Lopez Shannon Classroom/Pld. Aide Details
Lucas Jana Science - Grade 6 Details
Manriquez Rafael Social Studies - Grade 6 Details
Mansfield Jeannie Librarian Details
Manz Samuel (Sam) Guidance Counselor Details
Martin Emily Spanish I II III IV AP Details
Martin Lavada Classroom Aide Details
Martinez Lauren Grade 5 Details
Martinez Lorena Classroom Aide Details
Mast Julie Kindergarten Details
Matheny Michelle ED Unit Details
Maxey Steve Assistant Technology Coordinator Details
Mayes John Director of Operations Details
McDonald Amy Spanish 8-12 Details
McGlaughlin Suzanne Payroll Specialist Details
Mendez Lucy Cafeteria Details
Menendez Alex Assistant Technology Details
Menendez Nikole Kindergarten Details
Mercer Amanda Science - Grade 7 Details
Meyer Joe Custodian Details
Miller Cheri Asst. Cook Details
Miller Ed Comput. Science - 7 & 8 Details
Mitchell Jessica Science - Grade 7 Details
Moore Jacob Math & Pre-Algebra - Grade 7 Details
Morton Melissa Language Arts - Grade 8 Details
Morton Robert Principal, High School Details
Moser Jacob Intervention Specialist Details
Mouser Andrea KinderStart Details
Murphy Patrick Social Studies Details
Mutchler Thomas Tech Prep-CADD Details
Myers Jane Principal - Grades 3-5 Details
Myers Katie Speech Pathologist Details
Nadler Jeremy Marketing Ed./DECA Details
Neff Debra Secretary - Grades 3-5 Details
Nichols Kimberly Cafeteria Details
Norwood Stephen Intervention Specialist Details
Nusbaum, Jr. James Grade 4 Details
Oberhaus Heidi Family Consumer Science Details
Ohm Sara Language Arts - Grade 7 Details
Olds Mandy Asst. Cook Details
Ott Mark Bus Driver Details
Parker Kathy Sp. Ed. Aide Details
Parrish Dennis Fireman Details
Parrish Don Health/PE Details
Partee James Bus Driver Details
Patterson Sadie Grade 3 Details
Peters Ashley Guidance Counselor Details
Peters Richard Principal, Middle School Details
Phipps Lisa Autism Unit - DC Details
Pieracini Kara Art - Grades 6 & 7 Details
Powell Chelsie Title I - Grade 2 Details
Powers Nellie Server Details
Rath Elizabeth Grade 4 Details
Reiman Jaide Title I - Kindergarten Details
Relue Kathryn Classroom/Pld. Aide Details
Renollet Brittany Grade 2 Details
Resendez Saundra Hostess Details
Rettig Amanda Social Studies - Grade 6 Details
Rittenour Steve Social Studies Details
Robarge Erica Grade 3 Details
Rogers Deb MD Unit Details
Rosengarten Bridget Language Arts - Grade 6 Details
Rufenacht Haley Intervention Specialist Details
Sager Meghan Intervention Specialist Details
Salinas Mina Hostess Details
Saner Scott World History Details
Schafer Justin Sp. Ed. Aide Details
Schaffer Melanie CD 3-5 Details
Schatz Linda Library Aide Details
Scheurich Tiffany Title I - Parochials Details
Schnipke Matt Grade 5 Details
Schroeder Jessica Phys. Ed. Details
Schroeder Julie Chemistry Details
Schultz Jan Asst. Treasurer Details
Schultz Judy Secretary Details
Schultz Lori Choir Accompanist Details
Schwarzman Melissa Grade 2 Details
Scott Michelle Classroom/Pld. Aide Details
Scott Michelle Sp. Ed. Aide Details
Seibert Matt Bus Driver Details
Seip Lucinda Head Cook Details
Sennebogen Sarah EMIS Details
Shaffer Karen Grade 2 Details
Shaffer Marilyn Bus Driver Details
Shindler Brooke Kindergarten Details
Sines Dawn Bus Driver Details
Singer Sally KinderStart Aide Details
Singer Thomas (Thom) Guidance Counselor Details
Smiddy Kristen KinderStart Details
Smith Barbara Bus Driver Details
Smithers Sarah Grade 4 Details
Smolik Katherine English Website Details
Smolik Radek Study Hall Aide/Math Tutor Details
Sobota Deb Library Aide Details
Spitnale Rebecca Grade 2 Details
Sprague Eric Career Based Intervention Details
Sprague Eric CBI - Grades 7 & 8 Details
Stack Julie Grade 5 Details
Stambaugh Megan Intervention Specialist Details
Stapleton Erin Fiscal Specialist Website Details
Starr Jack Bus Driver Details
Steffel Joan Asst. Cook/Cashier Details
Stephens Robert (Bob) Custodian Details
Steyer Sheri Asst. to the Supt./Curriculum Dir. Details
Struble Michael Superintendent Details
Swartz Gregory Phys. Ed. Details
Swisher Cheryl CFO/Treasurer Details
Taylor Ellen Grade 2 Details
Thomas Linda DHS Athletic Secretary Details
Thomas Linda Details
Tobias Donna Sp. Ed. Aide Details
Tobias Donna Classroom Aide Details
Tonneas Kayla Intervention Specialist Details
Troyer Veronica Phys. Ed. Details
Trudel Collin Biology Details
Unterbrink Regina Intervention Aide Details
Unverferth Amy Science Details
Valle Marilyn Classroom Aide Details
Van Ham Kelly Grade1 Details
Van Horn Kelly French Details
Vogelsong Lesley Intervention Specialist Details
Voll Joe Social Studies Details
Wagner Marsha English Details
Wagner Stephen Bus Mechanic Details
Wahl Steve Math Details
Waldron Sharon Grade 2 Details
Walter Evie Grade 1 Details
Wanemacher Kathy Food Service Supervisor Details
Wank Renee K-2 Counselor Details
Ward Linda Custodian Details
Warner Jennifer Title I - Grade 1 Details
Watson Bridgett Autism Unit - Intermediate Details
Weaver Lisa Grade 4 Details
Weaver Rick Math 9-12 Details
Weber Julie Cashier Details
Weber Peg Custodian Details
Wendell Kristin Vocal Music Details
West Eric Vocal Music Details
Westrick Cheryl Secretary Details
Westrick Keith Transportation Supervisor Details
Wiemken Nikki Grade 1 Details
Williams Ellen Librarian Details
Williams Jolene Math - Grade 8 Details
Wilson Melanie Art Details
Woltmann-Geno Megan English Details
Workman Holly Custodian Details
Wright Michelle Sp. Ed. Aide Details
Yoder Josh Grade 5 Details
Yungmann Brett Math Details
Zimmerman Amanda Social Studies - Grade 7 Details
Zipfel Fritz Custodian Details
Zipfel Hans Social Studies Details
Zipfel Tiffany PE/Health Details
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