Exam Information

Exam Information

2019-2020 First Semester Exams

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

7:50-1:00:  Alternative Schedule

1:00-2:44:  9th Period Exam


Thursday, January 9, 2020

7:50-8:00:  Announcements/Review/Prepare

8:00-9:50:  EXAM – 1st Pd.

9:55-11:46:  EXAM – 3rd Pd.

11:50-12:20:  6th Pd/Lunch

12:25-12:55:  7th Pd/Lunch

1:00-2:44:  EXAM – 5th Pd.


Friday, January 10, 2020

7:50-8:00:  Announcements/Review/Prepare

8:00-9:50:  EXAM – 2nd Pd.

9:55-11:46:  EXAM – 4th Pd.

11:50-12:20:  6th Pd/Lunch

12:25-12:55:  7th Pd/Lunch

1:00-2:44:  EXAM – 6th/7th Pd

Additionally, a couple points of interest that need to be mentioned, which include:

1.     Students will not be permitted to take their exams early or prior to the scheduled exam time;

2.     Students will not be permitted to leave after their exams, thus they must be present for the complete day;

3.     Exemptions for exams will only apply to Seniors that have met the criteria (below);

4.     Any student that misses their scheduled exam with an excused absence authorized by the Principal or Asst. Principal, will make the exam(s) up at a later date that has been approved.

5.     Any unexcused absences will result in a zero for the exam.

Senior Exam Exemption

Seniors who have maintained a cumulative average of “A” through Thursday, December 19, 2019 in first semester only courses/classes may become exempt from those exams, if they have received no disciplinary consequence more severe than a detention and/or has fewer than 5 total (excused and unexcused) absences/tardies over the semester.  


Seniors who have earned an exemption are required to be present on campus during the designated exam times for which they are exempt.  Those that are exempt will report to their class and continue to work on class assignments, projects, etc.

Please see Mr. Jerger if you have any questions.

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