Katherine Smolik

Katherine Smolik
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Building/Department Assignments:
High School - High School Staff

Biographical Information:
Place Of Birth- Defiance
Currently Living- Defiance
Attended High School- Defiance
Sports/Activities Participated In- Swimming, Volleyball, Track, Choir, and Band
Attended College- Ohio Wesleyan University
Year Graduated- 2001
Children- Nela 9 Years old, Ben and Kira 6 years old
Course Taught- English 11, Creative Writing, Drama
Hobbies- Singing, Guitar, Painting
Favorite Sports Teams- Tigers
Favorite Food- Popcorn
Favorite Movie And TV Show- The Royal Tennenbaums, Spirited Away, and Mansfield Park
Most Enjoyable Part About Teaching At DHS- When students tell me they really enjoy a novel they are reading
Proudest Moment- Making the decision to move to a tiny city in a foreign country where I learned the language, found great friends, started a business, and met/married the best man in the world.

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