Parent Resources for Online Learning

Parent Resources for Online Learning

Your student's device and Internet content filtering.

The device provided to your son or daughter by Defiance City Schools is filtered both on and off campus with Relay Cloud Filter by LightSpeed Systems. That being said no Internet filter is foolproof; there will always be questionable and age inappropriate websites that are not stopped by the filter. Internet filters do not scan or view the material of individual web sites but rather rely on a website classification system. There are websites that do not properly classify themselves as mature and therefore Internet filters do not know to block them. In addition a sufficiently motivated child can find additional methods to circumvent an Internet filter including web proxy filters and virtual private networks (VPN). Please use common sense when your son or daughter is using their district issued Chromebook; there is no substitute for attentive adult supervision.

Digital Resources For Parents

The link below contains information and links to digital resources for parents. These links represent curriclum based materials for parents to access during the State of Ohio school shutdonw period.

Counseling Request Form

Defiance City Schools understands that all of us are under unique and stessful challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also understand that students too feel the pressures of today's world. If you are a student, or know of one that you believe could benefit from talking with one of our counselors please fill out the contact Form below. The staff of Defiance City Schools is here to help during this crisis.

Student Web History Request

If you are interested in receiving a weekly web history report for your son or daughter please fill out the link below. This report is emailed out Sunday afternoon (the exact time varies based on system capacity). Please note that this report only represents web browsing while your son or daughter is using their district issued Chromebook. Thank you.
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